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   Xianghua Street showcases what Mount Putuo can offer in souvenirs and local specialties. The street is on the east side of Puji Temple, and is right next to it. The street itself is over one hundred years old and the buildings are clearly in the style of Ming and Qing dynasties. Even not for shopping, the street is still worth a stroll.
Buddhist souvenir

Statues and pictures:  on this Buddhist mountain, it's no surprise that statues and pictures of Buddhas are abundant. Mount Putuo is regarded as the home of Guanyin Buddha, therefore Guanyin statues and pictures are immensely popular here. There are many different sizes, materials and styles available. For example, one can find statues made of Chinese white marble, Chinese boxwood (Buxus Sinica), bamboo root and jade.

Worship supplies:  Mala, Muyu (Mokugyo), incense bowl, candle holder, amulet, badge, sutra book and more. These supplies have practical use, but can also become collectibles.

Putuo narcissus:  It is one of the three famous Chinese narcissi. The other two are from Zhangzhou and Chongming. Putuo narcissus has large bulbs and many flowers. It also has lasting fragrant when blossoming.

Local specialties

Mount Putuo Buddhist tea:  also known as foggy Buddhist tea, or phoenix tea. The tea trees grow on top of Foding mountain, and monks started to plant them hundreds of years ago. Today, it is one of the top quality Chinese green teas.

South Sea seaweed:  seaweeds are rich in minerals and are very popular in Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea.

Golden hook dried shrimp:  These dried shrimps have gold color and resemble hooks. Look for high quality ones that are wholesome, clean and hard.

Zhoushan white dried fish: These are made from the unique Zhoushan yellow croakers. Due to very low availability of the yellow croakers in recent years, these white dried fish has become precious.

Dried mussel:   they make popular local dishes and are rich in nutrition.

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